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Trim & Slim
Stop focusing on loss of kilos or pounds! What most of us really care more about is ‘girth control’ rather than weight control. In fact it’s not unusual for clients to experience a loss of inches before any real loss of weight so it’s important to recognize the difference. In the DreamScapes Slim & Trim program, you’ll be learning to retrain your mind to bring about the forces necessary to convert failure into long-term dietary success.

No more denial, no harsh diets or pills, this is about changing your subconscious desire for fattening, unhealthy foods, to marshal those mental powers in all of us to overcome the drive that has seen you constantly reaching for the wrong foods.


IMPORTANT: Each Dreamscape Elements session, with the exception of the BreatheEasy MP3 trainer is designed to be used only in a float tank or pod. They will not be effective if listening on an MP3 player or sound system. In any case, you must never listen to any relaxation session including the Elements sessions while walking, cycling, riding or driving any motor vehicle, or operating machinery of any kind, or while involved in any other activity, which requires your full attention.