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We’re excited to introduce the world to the Dreampod Ice Series. It seems like everyone is getting into cold plunges today. Whether you’re an elite athlete looking for ways to speed up recovery or a biohacker trying to push the limits of your mind and body, our Ice Series is for you.

Our engineering team has worked tirelessly to create some of the most advanced ice baths on the market today. Not only do you get the beauty, sleek design, and quality build that all Dreampod products are known for, but we’ve designed our Ice Baths to push the limits of cold water immersion like never before.

Here at Dreampod we’re all about options. Our standard Bath is 1600 mm long (over 5 ft.) and allows for even the tallest of people to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy. Our Barrel has a much smaller footprint and accommodates our clients who may be limited on space, but still want the opportunity to freeze.

Regardless of which cold plunge you choose, the Dreampod Ice Series delivers freezing cold water all the time. It’s ready when you’re ready. No more bags and bags of ice. Simply slide into the cold and relax, or at least do your best to relax while your body reaps the benefits of cold water therapy.

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Commercial Icebath, Commercial Barrel, Home Flex


White, Black, Grey(Flex only)