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About Us

Dreamwater Float Co is a floatpod manufacturer of excellent floatpods, sensory deprivation tanks, ice baths and other products for the health, fitness and wellness industry. Our Team consists of talented and motivated engineers, developers, sales people and support staff from 5 different countries. Our mission is to constantly bring new products and technology to the float industry, so that our clients have a wide range of options to choose from. Stay tuned and visit back regularly while we work hard to bring you great products at great prices!

Company History

We opened Asia’s first floatation center back in 2010. This experience flows into each and every design decision within the development process. When we create a product, we want it to be intuitive to use and leave an excellent impression to the operator and end user. This constant strive for excellence is what helps us stay ahead of the competition, and continue to be a major part in today’s and tomorrows flotation industry.

Count on us to be your float tank manufacturer of choice, we won’t disappoint.

Bringing ideas from the drawing board to reality.

Being the direct manufacturer of our products is our main strength: We design, create molds, write our own software and build our own hardware. We research and import critical components (pump, heater) from trusted and branded suppliers. We assemble every nut and bolt in our own factory. We put the color on and polish out each imperfection. We inspect each product before packing it up and sending it on its way. It is for this very reason, that we are able to continuously come out with new products and colors, along with a whole bunch of floatation-goodness at unsurpassed speeds.

Count on us to be your float tank manufacturer of choice, we won’t disappoint.

Come and meet us in person

You can always hit us up on our Contact Page, but we’d also love to meet up in Person! Every year, we attend the Float Conference to square up with other float pod manufacturers and meet our clients, old and new. It is the only conference and exhibition for float enthusiasts worldwide held in the US. Its always big fun and we would love to see you there! We also have a booth at the IHRSA, an exhibition attended by more than 12000 people every year.

Float tank manufacturer