Modern Design

Our designers are producing the most beautiful range Floatation Tanks and Wellness Baths in the Market today.

Build to last

In-house production and a tight grip on our supply chain ensure a robust build that will not let you down.

Easy to use

Extremely powerful and intuitive control panel makes operating your Dreampod a breeze.

Great Support

We truly go the extra mile providing you the best customer service possible 24/7.

One of our biggest strengths is that we produce in our own manufacturing facility. We design, create molds, write our own software and build our own hardware. We research and import critical components (pump, heater) from trusted and branded suppliers. We assemble every nut and bolt in our own factory. We put the color on and polish out each imperfection. We inspect each product before packing it up and sending it on its way. It is for this very reason, that we are able to continuously come out with new products. As an aside, we have come across products that look quite similar to ours: Make sure you get the real deal and avoid these!

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What others are saying

“Trying out the Dreampod Home Pro was my first experience with floatation tanks. I heard about its mediation and stress relief benefits but I could never imagine what it can do to my neck tension. Coming out of the “dream” I could feel my neck was relaxed like never before. When I finally buy my own house back in Europe I would definitely like to have it in my home!“

Sebastian Meller

Dreampod User

Hi Mike
Just letting you know the pod installation went well. It was lovely having Matt and James here in our town. They are such great guys and we’re very professional and helpful in teaching me the the maintenance and running of the pod.
I’m very thankful that you sent them both and we had some extra time with them.
My new journey is about to start and I appreciate there help and knowledge.

Jenny W.

Dreampod Owner

“We love our new DreamCabin -and our customers do too! It has the same sleek elegance as the pods, but bigger. It fills the whole float room with an impressive and inviting aesthetic. It’s big enough to be spacious for people of all sizes, but not _too_ big. If someone prefers something smaller — that’s what the Pods are for.

The software is simple to use, and the hardware is easy to maintain. Dream-pod’s customer service is excellent and their technical support is outstanding. They’ve always been responsive and helpful on the seldom occasion that any issues arise. What more could you ask for? This is why we went to Dream-Pod for our new cabin. Now it’s booked just as often as the Pods, if not more so. We sincerely believe that getting the Cabin was one of our best business decisions yet.”

Connor C.

Dreampod Owner

I have worked with Dream water to setup my Float center and have no regrets, not for a single moment. The Dreampod’s arrived on time and it was love at first sight. They look amazing!!! – cheers!!!

Adam C.

Dreampod owner

Floatation Tank

Meet the Dreampod

Dreampod Wellness & Recovery products boast modern and sophisticated designs. Our products are built with luxury and comfort in mind. We are also one of the most competitively priced Companies out there, creating products such as Sensory Deprivation Pods, Ice Baths and Mineral Soakers.

With organic and smooth shapes of each product, along with spacious interiors, Dreampod products are sure to exude a safe and welcoming presence. You will marvel at their elegant designs and users will feel both safe and comfortable in their embrace. The Dreampod product line comes in different sizes and colours to suit a wide variety of applications.