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The Dreampod Home Pro

The Dreampod Home Model is made for people who appreciate the ability to float on a regular basis in their own home. The home float pod is beautiful, robust and easy to operate but comes without business only features such as reporting or multi-pod management functionality.

You can easily fit the Dreampod Home Pro into an existing room. The home pod features a wired control panel, single chemical injector, UV light array, 10 micron water filter system and more in a compact and simple package!

The Dreampod Home Pro’s exterior is crafted using the best quality fiberglass and plastics, and polished to a shiny finish. It’s smooth, and shiny surface is easy to clean and maintain. With a solid foam core embedded in the structure, the Dreampod Home Pro ensures maximum sound proofing and heat retention, allowing for a more comfortable float, as well as a lower electricity bill.

On the inside, you will find the same polished coating as on the outside. A carefully hidden passive air circulation system will provide a superb floating experience, without compromising on temperature retention, or sound proofing. For added safety, the floor has an added anti-slip surface.

The Dreampod Home Pro is built with high quality and reliability in mind. All it’s critical components are imported from the U.S, Japan or Europe and hold certifications proving it’s quality from standard certification bodies.

The Dreampod Home Pro comes equipped with several features to maintain hygiene of the water. The main filter device is a solid cartridge filter, capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair. Water is also pumped by a UV light array, taking care of any micro-organisms that survives the extreme salt content of the solution. A digitally controlled chemical injection system allows you further automate the maintenance of your pod.

On the inside, soothing and beautiful light animations provide for a relaxing atmosphere.

Software control

The Dreampod Home is controlled via an easy to use wired remote control that is located near the pod. Using it, you will be able to control session times, solution temperature as well as the chemical injector.


Auto Mode

After plug & play setup, its fire and forget. The Dreampod keeps its temperature at a predefined level and requires little to no maintenance.

Well insulated

The DreamPod Home is well insulated to retain heat and make for a lower electricity bill.

Filtration Control

The pods filtration system runs automatic without the need for manual control.

Automatic Dosing

Instead of manually dosing the Dreampod just setup a timer to run at regular intervals to keep the water clean and sparkling.

Available Colors
Icebath in white
Icebath in black


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