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The Dreampod Home Pro

If you’ve ever floated, even once, you’ve imagined how amazing it would be to have your own float tank at home. We’ve now made it possible with the Dreampod Home Pro. It’s sleek. It’s beautiful. It’s affordable. It’s one of a kind and it’s now available for your home.

We took our best selling commercial pod, stripped it down and streamlined it so it was affordable for the average person. We still kept the durability and beautiful design that Dreampod is known for. The exterior of the Home Pro is handcrafted using the highest quality fiberglass and plastics. Each one is polished to a high glossy finish ensuring a surface that’s not only aesthetically stunning, but easy to clean and maintain. There is a solid foam core embedded inside each one as well. This maximizes soundproofing and heat retention, which allows for a more comfortable float. It also cuts down on the electrical costs of owning a Home Pro.

We designed the Home Pro to easily fit into your home and created an easy to use wired control panel for day to day use. The filtration system comes with an integrated UV light, a 10 micron filter, and a single chemical injector for sanitizing the float solution. These key elements make maintaining the Home Pro easy and stress free.

The inside of the Home Pro is no different. You’ll find the same polished coating as the outside. We also carefully engineered a passive air circulation system into the Home Pro. The soul purpose was creating a superb floating experience without compromising on temperature retention or sound proofing. There’s a soothing LED light inside that can be left on during a float or turned off. If that wasn’t enough, we added an anti slip surface to the floor for added safety.

The Dreampod Home Pro was built with quality and reliability in mind. All of it’s critical components are imported from the United States, Japan, and Europe. Each component holds certifications from the countries respective certifying bodies, ensuring their standard of quality.

Software control

The Dreampod Home Pro is controlled via an easy to use wired remote control. You will be able to control how long you want to float, the temperature of the water, as well as run the chemical injector for sanitizing the solution.

How does the Home Pro compare to your regular pods?

We get questions all the time regarding the differences between the Home Pro and our commercial pods, like the V2 and V-Max.People are curious about what it’s like to float inside the Home Pro, the size differences, maintenance, you name it and we’ve been asked. So we thought it best to take a moment and outline some of the differences:

The Home Pro was designed to fit inside your home. We’re clever like that!

So it is smaller than any of our other commercial pods. However, it’s still 2200 mm long by 1100 mm wide (7ft.x3.5ft.)
There’s more than enough space for the average person to float comfortably inside, even with the cover in place. Once you’re laying inside and have found that sweet spot, you’ll be floating for hours.

The Home Pro is one solid piece with a cover. Whereas our commercial pods are multiple pieces and have to be disassembled to be moved into place. We designed the cover of the Home Pro to be simple and functional. It aids in maintaining the float solution’s temperature and helps in creating a sensory free environment for floating.

Just like with any float tank, there is condensation that builds up in between floats. The cover of the Home Pro makes removing the condensation extremely quick and easy so you can get to floating much faster.

Below are a few more differences we’ve outlined. Remember the Home Pro was designed as a functional and affordable in home option. As always, please reach out with any questions you may have.

Commercial Pods
  • Lights
  • UV Light disinfection
  • Anti-slip surface
  • 10 micron filter
  • Advanced Scheduling filtration
  • Advanced Dual Chemical Dosing
  • Music
  • Platform independent control panel
  • Usage Reporting
  • API / Remote control
  • High flowrate Pump
Home Pro
  • Lights
  • UV Light disinfection
  • Anti-slip surface
  • 10 micron filter
  • Single Chemical Dosing

Auto Mode

After plug & play setup, its fire and forget. The Dreampod keeps its temperature at a predefined level and requires little to no maintenance.

Well insulated

The DreamPod Home is well insulated to retain heat and make for a lower electricity bill.

No Plumbing required

DreamPods are self enclosed systems and do not require complicated plumbing..

Filtration Control

The pods filtration system runs automatic without the need for manual control.

Automatic Dosing

Instead of manually dosing the Dreampod just setup a timer to run at regular intervals to keep the water clean and sparkling.

Available Colors


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