The Dreampod was delivered safely yesterday and is now sitting in my garage. I was really impressed with how the tank itself was packaged and shipped. It was easy to move with the forklift and the cardboard and foam did a good job of protecting the tank.
Dreampod User

Yesterday I floated for the first time and it was amazing. I did 90 minutes in the AM and another 90 minutes before going to bed. It was amazing. I used to worry that the smaller tank (compared to commercial ones) would be a problem, but instead I prefer it this way because it is easier to center my position and stop my body from moving away, by touching left and right wall at the same time. I also worried that no heater during the session would be a problem, but the tank only lost 0.5 degree in 90 minutes. I am so happy with the product and am grateful for you providing it, thank you so much!

Julien L.
Dreampod Home Pro Owner

“The Dream Pod Home Pro has been great for me and my family.  As a business owner with young kids who love sports, I rely on floating at home 5-8 times per week to calm my mind and also help my muscles recover from a full schedule and stress.  My children are becoming interested in floating as their schooling and sports become more intense.  I worry that life is too hectic so knowing that my family has a home option always available to help them practice disconnecting is reassuring.  The tub looks great in our bathroom and is easy to use and maintain.  I definitely recommend this affordable option to anyone that struggles to find time getting to a float center or sees the costs pile up with every visit”

Ben T
Dreampod Home Owner

I truly believe GREAT customer service these days is a dying breed. It is also more common to hear about bad service 10 times more than we hear about good service. We are in a world filled with drama and bad talk….its sickening and because of that; I try to always give positive feedback when credit is due.

That being said, Michael, you already heard my heart about my experience with you. Easy…amazing and smooth!

I also wanted to share my experience with and about Jim and Gerri. This was my first experience receiving these PODS and opening our float spa. There have been so many “unknowns” my wife and I have had to wade through that leaves a sea of anxiety and stress until we experience it once. I have to tell you, not knowing what to expect with PODS arriving, from first contact to delivery was nothing short of amazing!!! That experience alone will carry me to our next opening and one I will have the utmost confidence about. Thank yall so much for being amazing from Ordering to Delivery! FYI….from the time Gerri arrived till the time she left, we had 2 PODS disassembled, unloaded and put into place in about 1 1/2 hrs. I’m not sure what the norm is, but that isn’t what I was anticipating. We were so grateful. Then, to top it off……Gerri’s attention to detail, concern, helpfulness and demeanour was amazing!!

Michael, Jim and Gerri……THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to meeting Craig next!

Be Blessed and Stay Healthy and Safe!!!!

Daniel S.
Dreampod Owner
“Trying out the Dreampod Home Pro was my first experience with floatation tanks. I heard about its mediation and stress relief benefits but I could never imagine what it can do to my neck tension. Coming out of the “dream” I could feel my neck was relaxed like never before. When I finally buy my own house back in Europe I would definitely like to have it in my home!“
Sebastian Meller
Dreampod User

Hi Mike
Just letting you know the pod installation went well. It was lovely having Matt and James here in our town. They are such great guys and we’re very professional and helpful in teaching me the the maintenance and running of the pod.
I’m very thankful that you sent them both and we had some extra time with them.
My new journey is about to start and I appreciate there help and knowledge.

Jenny W.
Dreampod Owner

“We love our new DreamCabin -and our customers do too! It has the same sleek elegance as the pods, but bigger. It fills the whole float room with an impressive and inviting aesthetic. It’s big enough to be spacious for people of all sizes, but not _too_ big. If someone prefers something smaller — that’s what the Pods are for.

The software is simple to use, and the hardware is easy to maintain. Dream-pod’s customer service is excellent and their technical support is outstanding. They’ve always been responsive and helpful on the seldom occasion that any issues arise. What more could you ask for? This is why we went to Dream-Pod for our new cabin. Now it’s booked just as often as the Pods, if not more so. We sincerely believe that getting the Cabin was one of our best business decisions yet.”

Connor C.
Dreampod Owner

I have worked with Dream water to setup my Float center and have no regrets, not for a single moment. The Dreampod’s arrived on time and it was love at first sight. They look amazing!!! – cheers!!!

Adam C.
Dreampod owner

Hi! I just wanted to let you know i think your Dreampod is absolutely mind bending! I put one in my garage and use it regularly – no issues so far. The Software works great!

Steven S.
Dreampod owner

I started listening to the DreamScape tracks with an open mind curious to see if they would enhance the float experience. After the first track I listened to (Stress Busters) I knew this was going to be a great thing for the float industry. Many people coming in to float, especially first timers, have trouble quieting and calming down their mind. These tracks really help you get into a deeply relaxed state with minimal effort. It is wonderful that there are such a variety of tracks to choose from since each one has a different theme. I’ve listened to many of them and after each one have felt amazing post float. I also think these tracks encourage floaters to get into a float practice because there are many different themed tracks which can help enhance their overall well being. I would highly encourage you to try these tracks and see what benefits they can give you.

Connor K.
Dreamscapes listener

So when I decided to start on the journey of opening a float center, I started to put things together and thought I was doing a good job and had it pretty much under control.
Then I started seeing the horror stories about individuals who have made some mistakes that really cost them in time, and money.And it was at that point my internal voice said we definitely do not want to experience that, and the search began for the real time tested method of how to build, and run a primer float facility.
On the website www.dreampod.com, I was able to locate and call the number listed for the Dream Pod School for Entrepreneurs and it led me to Utah and the Crystal Waters Float spa. Managed by the Millman’s Jim and his lovely wife Hui. I made arrangement and off to Utah we went.
I can honestly say that I would have made some major mistakes if I had not received my education from Dream Pod School for Entrepreneurs. From the material to use during construction, all the way through to taking care of you water was covered.
I feel more confident now more than ever in my ability to run and maintain my facility that is being born right now, Thanks to Jim and his wife Hui at the Dream Pod School for Entrepreneurs in Utah. Any one thinking about opening a float center would benefit greatly from what this school has to offer. Personally, I feel as though a torch of information was passed from a group of intelligent people that are very experienced in what they do. 5 STARS***** ALL THE WAY. Thanks again!

Mike Blevins
Dreampod school attendee

I knew that I needed a tank which was spacious and futuristic and put first-time customers at ease when they first saw it. For me, Dreampod ticked all those boxes and more.

Harry W.
Dreampod owner

The Dreampods have brought a lot of happiness to my customers, my staff and myself. I’ll be a lifelong user!

John L.
Dreampod owner

..the most important factor for me, I was fortunate enough to have met all the guys behind the company. … Because this is a sizable investment, personality played a huge part in my decision.

Frank J.
Dreampod owner

…Their customer service is top of the line. I wouldn’t hesitate buying another Dreampod. The pods are high quality, our customers love them….We highly recommend buying Dreampods.

Carolina, Vancouver
Dreampod owner

I find the Dreampod to be the most advanced pod on the market. The software is designed specifically for the pod. You can control temperature, filtration length, session length and every other feature from your phone or iPad. That was a huge selling point for me.

Dreampod owner

We operate 12 Dreampods across 2 centers. Dreamwater is fantastic to work with and their 24/7 technical support gives you complete peace of mind and is second to none. Highly recommend them.

Paul, Sydney
Dreampod owner

My pods are in, set up and running smoothly. I am happy to say I am more than thrilled with my Dreampod and the service that comes with it. I’m blessed to finally see all my hard work and headaches pay off. Thanks for providing me with a great gift of relaxation and talking me through the process along the way.

Dreampod owner