Floatpod and Product Lineup

We have a passion for manufacturing amazing wellness and spa related products that are high quality and reliable in build. Our entire lineup of Dreampod products includes excellent control software to make running your float center, wellness centre, gym or spa at a hotel smooth and profitable and they can also be used in home settings.

Home Pro (Floatpod)

If you would appreciate the ability to float on a regular basis in your own home, this pod is for you. The home float pod is beautiful, robust and easy to operate but comes without business only features such as reporting or multi-pod management functionality.

Mineral Soaker

Use the Dreampod Soaker to load up on Minerals such as Magnesium: beneficial for body & mind.

The Dreampod Ice Series

We have launched our ‘coolest’ range of products yet! Exposing your body to chilling cold has numerous benefits for body & mind. Check it out…

The Dreampod V2

Our V2 Flagship Float Tank first launched in 2012 and continually evolved to be one of the most popular Tanks in the industry. It is the most popular choice for people expanding, or opening a new float center.

DreamPod V-max

The Dreampod V-Max

The V-Max sports all the floating goodness of its peers in a much bigger package. The V-MAX is our answer to people that want to offer couple floats or cater to larger sized individuals that appreciate that extra bit of space.

The Dreampod Stealth

Our Stealth float pod series is gaining increasing attraction from clients that want to stand out and provide an even deeper sensory deprivation experience. The black finish truly absorbs light and is a stunning centerpiece in any float center.

Dreampod Cabin

The Dreamcabin

The Dreampod Float Cabin is compact, beautiful, elegant and sexy. Due to its increased height it is ideal for float couples or people that feel more comfortable in a big open space. Its height is 2.3m / 7.54″. The product can be disassembled to fit trough doors and hallways.

The Dreampod Sport

Our Sport is an excellent Float Tank in a space orientated package without compromising on the floating experience. The Sport is often chosen by individuals or health care practitioners that want to supplement services offered to their clients.

Dreampod Openpool

The Open Pool

The Dreampod Open pool, available now.

Available Colors

Ocean Blue

Minty Mellow

Blue Sky

Violet Spring

Green Breeze

Soothing Steel

Summernight Red

Autumn Brown

Steel Grey



DreamScape products are special programs specifically designed for the Dreampod taking your float to new levels.