The Golfing Mind




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The Golfing Mind

Can you really play better golf simply by floating? You bet you can, after all, the DreamScapes Golfing Mind sessions are based upon the same science that underlies the best selling mind golf program available today.

Amateurs and pros alike can learn how to chip multiple strokes off their card, just by relaxing and listening to this unique Element. Be the envy of your buddies as you consistently play your best golf ever!

IMPORTANT: Each Dreamscape Elements session, with the exception of the BreatheEasy MP3 trainer is designed to be used only in a float tank or pod. They will not be effective if listening on an MP3 player or sound system. In any case, you must never listen to any relaxation session including the Elements sessions while walking, cycling, riding or driving any motor vehicle, or operating machinery of any kind, or while involved in any other activity, which requires your full attention.