How To Create Anything




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How to create anything

What makes some people more creative than others?

Practice, training and exposure to unfamiliar ideas and experiences all play essential roles in shaping creativity. Dreams and imaginative play can also nurture creativity. Daydreaming or taking time out to explore your inner thuoghts and feelings can give you access to ideas and solutions hovering below the surface of your consciousness. The DreamnScapes Creativity Element stimulates your thinking and helps to remove the roadblocks to novel ideas and solutions.


IMPORTANT: Each Dreamscape Elements session, with the exception of the BreatheEasy MP3 trainer is designed to be used only in a float tank or pod. They will not be effective if listening on an MP3 player or sound system. In any case, you must never listen to any relaxation session including the Elements sessions while walking, cycling, riding or driving any motor vehicle, or operating machinery of any kind, or while involved in any other activity, which requires your full attention.