FT Float Centre Starter Pack



The suggested start up quantities for your initial order are calculated based on 240 floats a month. The start up pack includes your float maintenance range in 400g units to keep your amenities topped up (once you know how much product you need in larger amounts, we can supply bulk in 5ltr and 10 ltr containers.)

The starter pack also includes the range of retail products that you can proudly display in your waiting/reception area for clients to purchase after their float. As well as your value add Free Products worth $456.50!

Quantities include:

Amenities – cost $457.44

400g Shampoo x 6

400g Conditioner x 6

400g Shower Gel x 6

400g Body lotion x 3


Retail – cost $1165.05

(Net Profit on sale of below items is $1624.95!)

Retail Serum x 5

Retail Day Cream x 5

Retail Day Cream Rich x 5

Retail Face Mask x 5

Retail Face & Body Cleansing Gel x 10

Retail Body Lotion x 10


FREE! (Valued at $456.50)

1 x 125ml Body Lotion

1 x 400g Refill Day Cream

1 x 400g Refill Serum

1 x 30ml Day Cream

1 x 30ml Serum

1 x Counter Stand

10 x Sample Travel Packs to give away

Retail Bags

FT Stickers for Float Room dispensers

FT Product Brochures