Financing (USA)

We have partnered with Infinity Leasing to provide our US clients a one-stop solution for all of their float equipment and financing needs. Please peruse this customized Credit Application form by visiting the Button below.

The Credit Application is very Easy and User-friendly, you can fill it out on your PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet. It is 100% encrypted and it’s all touchscreen capable, also if you hit our logo it will direct you back to our website.

Learn more by taking a look at these Brochures, they will explain everything you need to know!

If you’re ready, go straight to our Financing Application by following this link:
Dream Pod Financing Credit Application

Financing (CANADA)

For our Canadian clients we are suggesting to work with Provisio. Provisio is a Canadian equipment leasing company based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.
Provisio specializes in both New and Used equipment coming from the United States into Canada. As a Broker / Lessor, we have our own pool of capital in addition we have access to various institutional lenders, private lenders, banks, credit unions etc across Canada.
This allows us the ability to not only deal with “A” credit type customers but also the ability to structure “odd”, “difficult” and “Story” credit type deals and even brand new startups located anywhere in Canada.
Since we specialize in equipment crossing the border into Canada we ensure that we manage all aspects of the following:

РAll of the financial paper  work & supporting documentation
– Customs / Duties
– Taxation
– 100 % Pre-Payment to you prior the equipment being released
– Insurance
– Freight, rigging, special equipment, permits to move/deliver the goods.


Our goal is to manage all aspects of the financing that way you can spend the time to focus on your business. Please don’t hesitate to call at any point if you have any questions.

Point of Contact:
Anthony Carrol, Manager, Business Development
(604) 524.4712 XT. 227

Financing (AUSTRALIA)


GoFinancial is our Australian partner for Next generation business & personal loans.

Established to support individuals & businesses with car , truck, equipment, cashflow, commercial & SMSF lending.