Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for new float center owners or industry veterans. We have been working hard and are getting ready to get one step closer to that goal! Get a first glimpse at our new software product, launching later this year, helping your business to get to the next level!

Cross Platform

VERY easy to use

Powerful Reporting

What is DreamPOS?

DreamPOS is a piece of software that is designed to help you run your business as effortless and efficient as possible. The creators of DreamPOS combine over a dozen years of experience creating software with owning and managing a float center.

DreamPOS manages your client data, bookings, keeps track of your employees salaries, your float pods maintenance schedules, and much more; all in a tight cross platform package.

You will be able to service walk in customers, take bookings via e-mail, phone or internet, and process payments via popular payment gateways and credit card processors.

Increase your sales by informing your clients of specials or promotional activities, offer discount codes, gift cards and package deals.

Using DreamPos does not require owning a Dreampod.


  • Platform independent Web Based POS
  • Easy to integrate into existing businesses
  • Designed for Float center Operators and Spa’s
  • Helps you run your business

Customer Management

  • Basic Info’s
  • Birthdays
  • Gift Certificates
  • Reminders
  • Newsletters (v2)
  • Customer notifications on promotions and special offers

Employee Management

  • Basic Info’s
  • Salary
  • Tasks
  • Time clock (track on-shift, off-shift) (v2)
  • Commissions (v2)

Shop Expenses

  • Record by Category
  • Record repeated (f.e Rent) (v2)
  • Record by Employee

Ordering & Inventory Management

  • Keep track of product info’s, inventory counts

Pod Maintenance, Tasking

  • Record maintenance issues
  • Record f.e PH levels
  • Task Employees to f.e change salt


  • View Schedule
  • Add / Change / Remove Customer Bookings / Time Slot
  • Inform Clients by f.e SMS / EMAIL

Point of sale

  • Sell Products
  • Sell Services


  • Profit & Loss
  • Sales per Customer
  • Sales per Product
  • Sales per Employee
  • Expenses per category
  • Purchases per category
  • Automatic daily Report to E-Mail

Dreampod Integration (in progress)

  • Manage multiple Pods from 1 screen
  • View multiple Pods status, availability
  • Status page can also show other Brands Pod’s

API (in progress)

  • Allow Website owners to offer bookings trough their website

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