Dreampod Open Pool

The Dreampod Open Pool

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The Open Pool is our latest product added to our line up and designed for floaters who wish to float, but might be nervous of putting themselves into an enclosed pod or cabin, even one that is not completely sealed. The Open Pool concept is the perfect choice for this application!

Enjoy the open concept of the Dreampod Open Pool, and be one with the surrounding environment. Enjoy a completely open experience. Be free of walls holding you in.


  • Double hull GRP open pool with foam insulation for better heat retention
  • Anti-slip floor surface
  • Water Leakage Protection
  • Accurate twin-dosing chemical dispenser
  • High efficiency, titanium element heater exchanger
  • Improved high-flow, silent magnetic-drive centrifugal pump
  • Tactile transducer for excellent underwater acoustic & sound
  • Proprietary stainless steel filter system with micron size particle filter
  • Soft Light therapy via proprietary LED light and control technology. (Chakra colors)
  • High efficiency passive ventilation system
  • UV anti-bacterial light disinfection
  • Advanced wireless control system
The Software

The Dreampod Open Pool connects to almost any standard TCP/IP network allowing easy access from anywhere in the facility, wired or wireless. After powering it on you access its control panel via your Laptop or PC, iPhone & iPad.

The control panel itself is intuitive and easy to operate. You can manage nearly every aspect of your Dreampod, such as Session Start & Stop, Music with Playlist Manager, Temperature, UV Filtration and Chemical Dosing schedules.

An easy to understand report gets generated to help you understand the performance of your Dreampod. It includes Number of Sessions, Session Time, Idle Time and Pump & Heating Durations.

The best part? We are improving our software constantly to make it even more easy to use and available to more devices.

The software

Auto Mode

After plug & play setup, its fire and forget. The Dreampod keeps its temperature at a predefined level and requires little to no maintenance.

In-Tank music

Crystal clear underwater music for maximum relaxation. Upload your own MP3 and manage Playlists!

Session Manager

The Session Manager allows customization of session start and stop times, session durations, music to be played, and after session cleaning cycles.

Filtration Control

Control the Dreampod’s Filtration System, UV Light, Water Heater and chem. Drips. Choose the Device, your Duration and hit ‘Go’.

Automatic Dosing

Instead of manually dosing the Dreampod with Chlorine just setup predefined schedules to keep the water clean and sparkling. Works for UV-Light too.

Leakage Sensor with SMS

Should the unfortunate happen and water exit the Dreampod, a floor sensor (optional) will be activated and alert your by SMS to a phone number of your choice.

Web Control Panel

Operate your Dreampod from your iPhone, iPad, PC or Macintosh Computer, simply via your Web Browser. It doesn’t get better.

Performance monitoring

The Performance monitor reports on sessions per day, week, month as well as pump and heater usages and idle times. This will help you maximize its performance.

System Watchdog

Our System Watchdog (optional) keeps an eye on things like water temperature and idle patterns and can alert our service technicians if issues arise.

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