Awesome shipping options

Awesome shipping options for U.S clients!

Dream Water Float Co. and DreamPod USA Have been working hard to create the complete customer experience from the manufacture to your up and running business! We want all our customers to feel confident that we will be with you throughout the process of launching your new business. We want you to be successful! We created a warehouse in Utah to carry stock of our finest DreamPods. You can place an order and not have the long wait-time from the factory, and receive your pods in as little as 7 days.

We invested into a new business in the USA that will remove the 3rd party shipping hassles! We purchased our own truck and trailer registered with FMCSA and US DOT and gained compliance to haul your DreamPods directly to your location with specialized care and professionalism!

At the time your pods arrive, we will help in the direction of moving your pods into place and make sure your order arrives in perfect condition! After your pods are in place, our tech shows up and installs your pods and teaches you how to run the system. You are now ready to open your doors for customers to come and experience the most fascinating float experience of their lives!

Dream Water Co. and DreamPod USA want to make your purchase of the finest float pod an experience you can share with your friends and family to enjoy for many years to come. Your customers will thank you for bringing this business to their city and providing them the finest floating experience in the world!!!