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Working together to relax and heal the planet

We started with floating and have since expanded to include hot and cold therapy with the introduction of our Ice Bath and Mineral Soaker.

Performance, recovery, and wellness is the name of the game for us and we are incredibly excited about the introduction of our Affiliate Program.

The idea is simple. Collaborate and work together to spread health and wellness across the globe. The affiliate program allows us to partner up with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. As well as, companies and brands with a similar passion and drive as ours. By doing so, we expand the reach of our amazing products and the number of people who they benefit.

Working together is an exciting way to spread awareness, not only for our products, but also the massive benefits each one brings. Whether it’s climbing into one of our V-Max’s at your favorite float center, floating from the comfort of your own home in our Home Pro, or dropping into the Ice Bath after a long work out. The benefits of our products speak for themselves.

What if you’re not an elite athlete with a million followers on Instagram? That’s ok. Perhaps, you own a Dreampod or two and you’re operating a successful float center. Great! Let’s get you signed up.

Not a float center owner, no worries. If you’re passionate about our products and our mission here at Dreampod, we want to work with you.

We designed the affiliate program as a way to help out everyone.

After becoming an affiliate you’ll receive your own unique “Affiliate ID”. This can be used to help share our products via your website, social media platforms, email campaigns, or other online avenues. Any client that uses your “Affiliate ID”, or mentions you specifically when placing their order, will result in you earning a commission of that sale.

We aren’t messing around either. It’s a 10% commission!

Our commercial products range from $16,000 USD to upwards of $23,000 USD so the potential earnings for an affiliate is huge.

We like to keep it simple:

Become an affiliate.

Help spread awareness of our line up of incredible products.

Money in your pocket!

Come join us today!

Sign up to become an affiliate today by completing the form below. We look forward to working together and making the world a better place!

Our strongest partners

Fernando Reis

Fernando Reis is a 2x Olympian, Weightlifting head coach at Hybrid Performance Method & Business owner of F.Reis Weightlifting.
Reis is a Brazilian Olympic weightlifter, competing in the +109kg category and representing Brazil at international competitions. Fernando has won all the Pan American Games since 2011, having a total of 3 consecutive gold medals, and still hold the records. He is known as the strongest weightlifter in the Americas.

He has participated in the 2012 Olympic Games and 2016 where he placed 5th. His goal is to get an Olympic medal on the next Olympic Games in Tokyo.

You can follow Fernando’s routine on his Instagram @rreisfernando or on his YouTube channel


Matt Chan

Matt Chan is from Denver, CO and is a 6x CrossFit Games athlete (runner up in 2012) and winner of season 2 of NBC’s Titan Games. He is also a career firefighter and avid outdoorsman, constantly challenging himself to push further and achieve more year after year.

Chan sees fitness as the capacity that allows one to live life to the fullest, both on the job and in the field. To develop this capacity, Chan founded TrainFTW and writes a fitness program followed by many all over the world. Although pushing himself hard day after day is the goal, recovery from training and efforts in the field is what has kept him active throughout his years.


John Wayne Parr

John Wayne Parr is a 10x world Muay Thai champion and former Australian boxing champion with a record of 147 fights with 110 wins and 57 knockouts.

Out of JWP’s 147 fights, 76 of those fights have been internationally flying the Australian flag with pride 🇦🇺.

Being a roll model to young fighters all over the planet. John Wayne has a simple message to the next generation of fighter with a simple message “Peoples dreams aren’t going to chase themselves. If you want it bad enough you will make it happen”!


Martha Ann Rogers

Martha Ann “Mattie” Rogers (born August 23, 1995) is an American female Olympic weightlifter, competing in the 71 kg category and representing the United States at international competitions. After her 2017 silver she was the first medal in 12 years for an American of either gender and her 2018 clean & jerk bronze marked the first time a U.S. lifter had medaled at consecutive worlds since 1994. Rogers is now the first from her country to medal at three straight in 25 years; She holds the United States record in the snatch, clean & jerk, and total.


Josh Bridges

Josh Bridges is a Father, Former Navy SEAL, CrossFit Games Athlete, and Business Owner.

He started doing CrossFit in 2005 when he realized he wasn’t living up to his potential, bouncing from job to job in the business world. It helped him get his health back on track, and sharpened his mindset similar to his days as a wrestler. Once he started this training methodology, he was exposed to the Navy SEALs and met his calling to serve his country, in one of the most challenging training regimens one can pass as a military member.

During his time as a SEAL, JB balanced competing as a CrossFit Games athlete, and his budding following due to him being a spitfire that would not let size or weight determine what he would accomplish.

Once he had accomplished 6 successful trips to the Games, including a silver medal, he set his eyes on his love of coffee, and launched a coffee company that would inspire good dudes and gals to sip great coffee and enjoy their time with friends and family. With the company in full swing now, time is of utmost importance to Josh, as he cherishes any time he can get with his boys, as they travel to ballparks around the country hoping to see them all.

These days you can find Josh on Instagram @BridgesJ3,,, or in his garage where he is still training hard so that his boys can’t keep up with him just yet. The amount of demand Josh puts on his body requires him to recover well too, so if you catch him long enough to see him run through a PowerDot cycle on his knee that he is rehabbing, consider yourself lucky.



RVCA is the brainchild of company founder, Pm Tenore. Transcending the boundaries of traditional action sports apparel, RVCA is a design-driven lifestyle brand free from passing trends. Appearing as a natural on the shelves of boutiques as on those of a local skate shop, RVCA is brought together by a group of like-minded individuals from various subcultures, a collaboration of sorts, a lifestyle within itself. The RVCA facility (pictured) was opened in 2009 to support BJ Penn & coach Jason Parillo to defend the lightweight world title at UFC 101. The artwork inside this facility was done by Los Angeles artist Retna (awr/msk).


Urijah Faber

Urijah Faber is a multiple time world Champion in mixed martial arts, a UFC Hall of Fame member and the founder of the world renowned team of fighters Team Alpha MMA. He is a graduate of University of California at Davis, earning his BS degree and was the all time winning wrestler in the history of the program. Urijah was a Freestyle All American, placing 2nd at the University Nationals, and competed in the NCAA Div 1 national tournament twice, ending in the top 12 in 2002. Urijah is a huge advocate for health and is excited to be an ambassador for DreamPod.


Brian Ortega

Brian “T-City” Ortega is one of the UFC’s fastest rising stars and a top contender in the Featherweight division. With a near perfect record of 14-1, Brian’s fighting style has proven to make him a fan-favorite because he can end the fight with his striking or with his world class submissions. Brian is a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. Brian is also very active outside of the cage with his Foundation, off-road driving in his Jeep , and pursuing acting in Hollywood.


James Newbury

From a young age, James Newbury was extremely competitive. Starting as young as 5, James’ first endeavour into the sporting field was little athletics. From there, he found a love for Rugby Union, travelling interstate at 16 to compete in a high level and to ultimately work towards his goal of playing for Australia. To assist him with this, James found CrossFit.

Over time, his accessory work in CrossFit took over and he found himself in the gym working new skills and trying to improve his benchmark scores more than he was on the rugby field. In 2012, James tried his luck at the CrossFit Open, placing 47th and earning himself a spot at the Australian CrossFit Regional Competition. Going in with no expectations and coming out with a 9th place, the hunger for CrossFit success began.

In 2013, James set up his affiliate, CrossFit Mode to help support his dreams of making the CrossFit Games. After placing 11th in 2013, 4th in 2014, 13th in 2015 – James finally made the CrossFit Games placing 2nd at regionals in 2016. in 2017, 2018 and 2019 he has placed 1st at the Regional/Sanctional events, earning him 4 consecutive years at the CrossFit Games. He has placed 26th, 27th and 17th respectively, and this season took out his best placing yet of 5th at the World CrossFit Games, earning himself the title of the 5th Fittest Man on Earth.


Kelsey Kiel

Chicago born, Philadelphia raised, Kelsey Kiel is a collegiate soccer player turned coach. When she graduated in 2009, Kelsey moved into coaching soccer at the youth and collegiate levels. Kelsey stumbled into a CrossFit class in 2014 and the rest is history. After about a year of casual CrossFit life, Kelsey switched over to the competitive side of CrossFit.

In 2016, Kelsey and team Crossfit Parallax made their debut at the Crossfit games. 2017 she competed in the South regional, placing 11th. And then in 2018 and 2019 she went back to the east coast to compete with Invictus Boston at the Crossfit Games. Placing 11th and 9th consecutively.

2019 was a good year for her – she placed 8th at the Filthy 150 Sanctional event and then at the start of 2020, she earned her individual invite to the Crossfit Games from the Strength in Depth competition in London, England.

She is looking forward to the future of the sport of CrossFit, but also exploring other opportunities to use her athleticism, size, and power to be the best in a sport.


Bryce Mitchell

Bryce Andrew Mitchell (born October 4, 1994) is an American mixed martial artist currently fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Mitchell appeared in the reality television series The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated. As of September 22, 2020, he is #15 in the UFC featherweight rankings.


Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson

Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson is a former UFC Lightweight Champion. Tony also won the UFC reality show, The Ultimate Fighter season 13. One of the most impressive athletes in the UFC, Tony’s style is unmatched. He combines his wrestling background with a unique style of striking. Tony had one of the most impressive winning streaks in UFC history. He won 12 consecutive fights before losing his most recent bout back in May. Known for his intense training regiments and being on the cutting edge of recovery modalities, Tony is a perfect ambassador for Dream-Pod.