Josh Bridges is a Father, Former Navy SEAL, CrossFit Games Athlete, and Business Owner.

He started doing CrossFit in 2005 when he realized he wasn’t living up to his potential, bouncing from job to job in the business world. It helped him get his health back on track, and sharpened his mindset similar to his days as a wrestler. Once he started this training methodology, he was exposed to the Navy SEALs and met his calling to serve his country, in one of the most challenging training regimens one can pass as a military member.

During his time as a SEAL, JB balanced competing as a CrossFit Games athlete, and his budding following due to him being a spitfire that would not let size or weight determine what he would accomplish.

Once he had accomplished 6 successful trips to the Games, including a silver medal, he set his eyes on his love of coffee, and launched a coffee company that would inspire good dudes and gals to sip great coffee and enjoy their time with friends and family. With the company in full swing now, time is of utmost importance to Josh, as he cherishes any time he can get with his boys, as they travel to ballparks around the country hoping to see them all.

These days you can find Josh on Instagram @BridgesJ3,,, or in his garage where he is still training hard so that his boys can’t keep up with him just yet. The amount of demand Josh puts on his body requires him to recover well too, so if you catch him long enough to see him run through a PowerDot cycle on his knee that he is rehabbing, consider yourself lucky.

Martha Ann Rogers