Working Through Today’s Challenges

To our clients, vendors, and friends of Dreampod,

The world is going trough a difficult time right now due to the Coronavirus Situation. Because our main operational sites are located in Asia, we have been struggling to adapt to the quickly changing situation since early February. Our factory was able to continue operations under strictest guidelines such as strict daily disinfection protocols and other measures such as fever checks three times a day for all staff to be recorded in a notebook and ready for regular government inspections.

Everyone else started to work from home instead of the office to stay safe. Inconvenient, but certainly possible once it became necessary.

All these measures we took on a business level together with the super strict containment measures implemented by local authorities since February have now shown a very positive effect. There are now very few new cases of Coronavirus in our area – we pray it will stay this way!

This means that even while this crisis surely took us for a terrible ride, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If we all cooperate with the containment measures implemented by the authorities and take our own protection and hygiene very seriously, the situation will get better, and eventually pass.

If your business has to shut down by choice or by government guideline, stay motivated and try to make the best out of this bad situation. We focused on new developments and some ideas we had in the drawer for some time. We can also use any downtime to work on new strategies for after the crisis, or even simply take a rest, and reconnect with family.

On the practical side if you have to shutdown your business for some time you may be wondering how to prepare your Tanks.

Luckily, the pods can be turned off for a few weeks, without having to be drained. However, there are a few things that you should take note off.

First, ensure that the salt solution is on the lower end of the salinity range. We would suggest getting it to 1.25 to 1.26, or lower, if possible. As you lose water to evaporation, the salt water will concentrate. Having more water would give you some margin of error against the salt solution over concentrating and finally crystallizing. You should also visually inspect the pod and the hose between the pod and engine box, ensuring that the salt has not crystallized, before the turning the pod on, when you are ready to restart. Crystallization is usually not an issue if the salinity level is kept on the lower scale, but it is good to check.

With the power off for more than 2 weeks, the salt water might turn slightly grey or brown, as salt and water will react to form Magnesium Oxide, which the filtration/ heating process will constantly clear. This is normal, and an hour of filtration will have it cleared out.

With no power, the evaporation will be minimized, but there will be some evaporation. Adding some water before leaving will be helpful preventing it from over-concentrating.
From our experience, we have had our pods turned off for 4 weeks, with no issues of salt crystallising in the pod.

As the pod will not be in use, you do not need to add H2O2 on a daily basis. We would recommend adding about 50ml of H2O2 about an hour prior to shutting the power down, then adding a shock dose of 150ml of H2O2 when you are restarting the pod.

Our support team is always available to take your questions at
At the same time there is a “Dreampod Owners Group” on Facebook which also has helpful and knowledgeable people that could offer advise.

We wish everyone and their families the best as we all get through this safely.

Sincerely and with a lot of Love,
CEO / Dreamwater Float Co.
Michael Zelekovitz

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