Floating and its impact on the brain

Check out this relatively short movie made by “CBS This Morning” that goes into floating and its impact on the brain. Coming in at just over 6 minutes, we found it to be a good watch and quite informative. Did you know that the average smart phone user scrolls trough 300ft of mobile content per day? That is nearly 100 meters. Let John Dickerson explain how floating can replace the daily barrage of interruptions and notifications with blissful ‘nothingness’.

Featured in the video, entrepreneur McKenzie explains how floating multiple times per week keeps him more focused. He says “The Nothingness that forces you to ‘decompress’ is revitalizing” and has opened up his mind to more business ideas. Justin Feinstein, a researcher and regular speaker at our beloved Float Conference shares a few words about how floating impacts people with anxiety disorders and PTSD.

The Float Conference
Enjoy Floating As If You Were In The Dead Sea