Every year people come together to celebrate the wonderful world of water and salt at the float conference. People from around the world gather to share stories, learn from each other, and see what’s new in the realm of floating. The first float conference was in Portland, Oregon back in 2012. Every year since it has continued to grow in scope and in size as floating has grown in popularity. My first float conference was in 2016. I had just started working for Dreampod and, truthfully, had no idea what I was in for. This year brought the conference to Denver, Colorado. A first for the conference.

The conference brings together a wide range of people. There’s those looking to open their own Float Center and those who’ve already taken the giant leap. There’s those who have just stumbled upon floating and have shown up to take it all in and learn more. There’s professionals in the industry, scientists studying floating, researchers, manufacturers, and a little bit of everything in between. Everyone is there to learn, have fun, meet new people, and we all leave inspired in some way.

For me the conference is the one time a year when I get to spend time with the team at Dreampod. We’re an international company and we are spread out across the globe. Most of the year we spend time communicating over email or text message. But every year at the conference we get a few days to hang out, see each other face to face, and connect. It’s a busy few days packed full of work, but it’s worth it.

One of the other things I love about the conference is that I get a chance to reconnect with some of our clients. Over the years I’ve been all across the country setting up Dreampods. I’ve met hundreds of people but rarely spend more than a few days with them. It’s a busy few days as well. Between setting up the Dreampod and training them on everything they’ll need to know moving forward, there’s not much time left for anything else. It’s also towards the end of a long journey for them, many of whom have been working on opening up their float center for years before they finally meet me. So needless to say, there’s not much time to just visit.

So it’s a rare treat to get that time with some of them at the conference each year. It’s fun catching up and hearing their stories. The struggles, successes, and the rare “you won’t believe what happened”.

Each year the conference is over before you know it. We’re breaking down our booth and loading Dreampods back onto the trailer they came off of a few days earlier. The air is crackling with energy and excitement. It’s full of the possibilities floating has to change the world and everyone in attendance is taking some of that excitement back home with them to their own little parts of the world.

Check it out next year if you’ve never been. Come see what it’s all about and hang out with some of the nicest, coolest people you’ll ever meet. I promise you it’s worth it.

Learn more about the float conference here https://floatconference.com/

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