As floating grows in popularity and new float centers continue to pop up everywhere, more and more people are wanting to bring the experience home. I’m always excited to meet the people who are taking the big leap and placing over one thousand pounds of float solution in their house. They’re typically big believers in floating and have reached the point in their float practice where they want more. More freedom to float how and when they want. I love it.

I’ve been all over the U.S. and Canada setting up Dreampods for clients the past 3 years. My travels have taken me from one end of the continent to the other and sometimes even further. But the people who welcome a Dreampod into their homes stand out. There was the estate hidden within rolling green pastures filled with championship thoroughbred horses and a chandelier inside the 4 story barn. There was the wonderful young couple about to marry who were placing a Dreampod in the basement of their dream house. Their home was situated on a lake somewhere in Minnesota and most days ended with me sitting on their deck watching the sunset. I found myself on the beaches of Miami installing a Dreampod underneath a Christmas tree one year. That was definitely a first. The owner of the pod, as well as the tree, treated me to a ride in his Ferrari, another first. I call Utah home and typically around Christmas time there’s 3 feet of snow on the ground and temperatures are below freezing. So cruising down the coastline of Florida with the wind in my hair, in essentially a rocket with 4 wheels, was quite the experience. There have been several trips to California to set up Dreampods. From the mansions of Beverly Hills, the land of swimming pools and celebrity sightings, to the foothills above University of California in Berkeley. The view from that particular pod looked out over Silicon Valley. In the distance, the Golden Gate Bridge could be seen through the fog. It was quite spectacular.

Not everyone can afford the luxury of placing a Dreampod in their home and not everyone should. You have to be committed. You have to have a serious float game and you definitely have to be a believer. I’m thankful there’s those people out there. Not just for the views I’ve had or the rides in fancy cars, but the countless opportunities to meet some incredible people. Whether it’s a 6 pod float center in Rehoboth Beach Delaware, or a single Dreampod in your basement, I’m excited to meet you and introduce you to your Dreampod. If you’re thinking about opening your dream business and providing floating to your community, do it. If you’re thinking about knocking down that extra wall and remodeling the spare bedroom in your home, do it. I’ll happily fly out, set up your Dreampod, ride in your Ferrari, and get you started on your float journey.

An unforgettable experience at the float school
The Float Conference