An unforgettable experience at the float school

I have been dreaming of opening a float center and helping people with a variety of ailments that we face in this crazy fast paced and overstimulated World for awhile.  I am interested in moving from being a biotech executive to being responsible for bringing this amazingly therapeutic benefit to the North Carolina Triangle area.  I have read and personally benefited from floating and have seen how life changing floating can be for athletes, people with chronic inflammatory illnesses, and most importantly for me anxiety and stress.  Before jumping in though…….I needed proof as to if this helps a multitude of individuals.   I did my research and Jim and Hui Millman seemed like the perfect experts to explain the pros and cons of starting a float business via their entrepreneurial school in Tooele, Utah.

They are such an endearing and loving couple.  My girlfriend helping me with the business, Laura and I were warmly welcomed at the airport, stayed at their house for four days and felt at home the entire time.  We were fed the most delicious Chinese noodles, tacos, ribs, etc.  Part of me felt like her and I were on a spa trip and not an entrepreneurial school to establish the specifics of how to be successful.  Despite being extremely relaxed, for the first time in forever, we did learn a lot about how to optimize the Dreampods, keep them crystal clear, help both new and experienced floaters, and how to run a spa/float center.  Their employees like Judi and Austin inspired us and helped crystallize the type of people we seek to hire.

The whole time while there, I learned a tremendous amount from them both.  They will forever be friends and also mentors as I seek to open my own float studio to help others.  The most motivating aspect of the school for me was sitting with clients post float and discussing why they came and why they continue to come.  Crystal Waters Spa is a gem as are the people who make it happen.  Thank you Jim and Hui for your love, hospitality and newfound friendship.  I will make you proud as I share the experience and therapeutic benefits with NC.

Kindest regards,
Lisa Y.

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