My name is Brian Booth and I’m one of the owners at New Age Wellness.

My experience with purchasing Dream-Pods was incredible and simple.

Before I found Dream pod I was looking at the float-pod brand, and though they seam like a great company, I quickly found Dream-Pods were for me.  My first encounter was actually a phone call from the CEO Michael who called me from Singapore !!! I submitted an inquiry and the big BOSS just called me the very next day ??? what !!!  it was a pleasure finding out this wasn’t to good to be true, and in fact it was so perfect. I got every one of my questions answered in the very first call, and Michael emailed me some great digital info packets. Thank you for those, very helpful with dimensions and tech specs.

One of my biggest concerns was shipping !!! BUT it quickly was resolved when I was put in touch with Lee Harris from Schayer Shipping.  These guys got ya covered, I’ll tell you what.  Dream-pod already set up a perfect working relationship with Lee and he was also able to answer all of my questions right off the bat…….. at this point I was all in Dream-Pod.

A huge part of my easy decision to purchase dream pods came from Jim with Crystal Water Float Spa in Utah. This guy, like the rest was awesome !!  Jim not only runs his own float spa, but he also has a warehouse where he can take incoming containers right off the train. Perfect !!

I highly recommend going to Jim’s training if you’re able. He teaches you about water maintenance and running the pods, the in’s and out’s of floating and makes sure you’re ready to operate Dream-pods in your own place. Again…… perfect.

What really made me feel confident in my purchase with Dream-Pod was when I had to change my pod quantity I originally ordered. Due to some major construction problems of my own, I had to reduce my order of pods….. Michael stepped in and showed his true colors !!! I was so pleased and so grateful when Michael and I were able to work out a very fair deal on reducing my pod order. WOW !!!! these guys go over the top.

My install was perfect !!! again perfect, I know. But really, Jim saved the day with his organization and preparation getting the pods delivered and set up in my spa.  I’ll save you the details and simply tell you this….. not a scratch !!! and these things are heavy big pods.

Lastly my pod set up….. and this was just to good to be true. Craig came to set us up and get our pods running and it was a breeze. This guy really knows his stuff… like really really. I was shocked at how calm Craig was while setting up my pods and his presence in my spa was very welcomed. So professional and kind. In 3 days we were up and running with zero problems.

I can honestly say not one single thing was a problem, and from start to finish, all these guys really do know what they are doing. They will prove it to you !!

We have now had our pods for 2 weeks and we have not had one working issue.

Thank you Dream-Pod for two amazing V2s here at New Age Wellness.

Brian Booth

Float school thank you from Priscilla and Roger
Hawaii, that’s right, Hawaii