I had the privilege of attending the Dream pod float school in Tooele Utah this past June.  I was able to learn all the in and outs of their five star float business, and gain the knowledge I needed to start my own.

Jim and his crew gave me priceless hands on experience that you can’t get anywhere else. During the four day course I learned everything you need to know, from the point the clients walked through door, all the way to closing down at the end of the night, and everything in-between. I especially loved learning little extras along the way that they have added, changed, or found better ways to do something in the business, which are the little gems you gather only at an in person on location experience.

One added benefit of the course was the ability to float everyday when I was there, which made the value of the experience even better.

I’m so grateful for Jim and his crew. I also want to thank his wife Hui, for the delicious meals and where together their hospitality far exceed my expectations. I would fully recommend anyone thinking of getting into the float business to attend this course. Take action and attend. To get the most out of it, be present, ask questions, and participate as though you are part of their float family. You won’t regret it.

Mike Delangen
Hawaii Float

8 Dreampods, 4 States, over 7,000 miles
Float school thank you from Priscilla and Roger