I started listening to the DreamScape tracks with an open mind curious to see if they would enhance the float experience.  After the first track I listened to (Stress Busters) I knew this was going to be a great thing for the float industry.  Many people coming in to float, especially first timers, have trouble quieting and calming down their mind.  These tracks really help you get into a deeply relaxed state with minimal effort.  It is wonderful that there are such a variety of tracks to choose from since each one has a different theme.  I’ve listened to many of them and after each one have felt amazing post float.  I also think these tracks encourage floaters to get into a float practice because there are many different themed tracks which can help enhance their overall well being.  I would highly encourage you to try these tracks and see what benefits they can give you. – Connor K.

Apprenticeship at Dreampod School for Entrepreneurs
8 Dreampods, 4 States, over 7,000 miles