Apprenticeship at Dreampod School for Entrepreneurs

So when I decided to start on the journey of opening a float center, I started to put things together and thought I was doing a good job and had it pretty much under control.
Then I started seeing the horror stories about individuals who have made some mistakes that really cost them in time, and money.And it was at that point my internal voice said we definitely do not want to experience that, and the search began for the real time tested method of how to build, and run a primer float facility.
On the website, I was able to locate and call the number listed for the Dream Pod School for Entrepreneurs and it led me to Utah and the Crystal Waters Float spa. Managed by the Millman’s Jim and his lovely wife Hui. I made arrangement and off to Utah we went.
I can honestly say that I would have made some major mistakes if I had not received my education from Dream Pod School for Entrepreneurs. From the material to use during construction, all the way through to taking care of you water was covered.
I feel more confident now more than ever in my ability to run and maintain my facility that is being born right now, Thanks to Jim and his wife Hui at the Dream Pod School for Entrepreneurs in Utah. Any one thinking about opening a float center would benefit greatly from what this school has to offer. Personally, I feel as though a torch of information was passed from a group of intelligent people that are very experienced in what they do. 5 STARS***** ALL THE WAY. Thanks again!
– Mike Blevins
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