I’ve been north of the border four times now. From British Columbia to Ontario, and a couple provinces in between. When I started installing tanks for Dreampod I knew I would eventually be setting some up in Canada, but I didn’t think it would be this many so quickly. There’s more coming too, which is exciting. I think it’s a great sign that floating in general is catching on everywhere. I know there are Dreampods going in all the time throughout Asia, Australia, and other parts of the world as well. This progress is amazing, if you ask me.

This one was going in at NU-U Float Studio and Health Bar located in Brantford, Ontario. Brantford, it turns out, is where Alexander Graham Bell made the first long distance phone call back in the day. I bet you didn’t know that. It’s ok, I didn’t either, but now we’re both ready when that question pops up on Jeopardy.

The owners of NU-U, Renzo and Elena Tonietto, are adding to their already successful business and bringing floating to Brantford.  I’m always amazed at the stories people share of how they found floating and fell in love with it. Renzo and Elena’s son was the first to fill them in on the concept, and a short time later they were the proud owners of a new Dreampod. This was the first time I was in Canada and it wasn’t below freezing. There wasn’t snow covering the ground, and I was actually able to walk around comfortably in my shorts and sandals. Finally! Apparently there’s another season besides winter. Brantford is a beautiful city with architecture and buildings dating back generations. I can say, without a doubt, the thing I like the most about this gig is the people I get to meet. The Toniettos treated me to sushi one night and authentic Indian food the next day; both of which were delicious meals. They were also kind enough to invite me to their beautiful home where I enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal the last night I was there. Yes, I have to fly far and work long hours sometimes, but so far it’s been worth it every time. I’m sure I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again, Canadians are some of the nicest people out there.

Last time I was in Canada I got to float. That was my first float in another country. This trip had a couple of firsts for me as well. I had a wonderful experience in a salt cave, which was new for me. If you’ve never heard of a salt cave before, stop reading and start Googling. It was amazing. This was also the first time I was awakened by the fire alarm at the hotel where I was staying. Imagine you’re lost in dreamland and then slowly- dreadfully slowly- dragged from restful slumber by the annoying ring of a fire alarm. It was around midnight as I finally became conscious enough to realize I should probably get out of bed. Sure enough, the parking lot was full of fire trucks and guests standing around in their pajamas. Luckily, the wake up call lasted only a few minutes and I was back in bed before long. Turns out someone had tried microwaving tin foil. Clearly they were still lost in the foggy-brained serenity of a good float.

The setup and installation of the pod went off without a hitch, and before long Renzo and I were dumping the seemingly endless bags of beautiful salt into the tank. Epsom salt, to be more accurate. Actually, if we want to get really specific, it’s Magnesium Sulfate. There’s another Jeopardy question for you. No matter what you call it or how many pounds upon pounds I’ve emptied into tanks, it never ceases to astound me that floating comes down to such basic things. Water, salt, darkness, peace, and quiet. This is the part where I wax poetically and get super philosophical regarding life and the need to simply things that we typically over complicate. Floating is a good reminder of that. One that I need to stop and pay attention to more often. Water, salt, darkness, peace, and quiet. Next thing you know you’re life has been changed forever. It’s not expensive. There’s not a 12 step program or long list of components to make it work. It’s you, the water, and time. Time to yourself and time to disconnect from all the insanity of everyday life.

Find the time.

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