They’re coming!

The elves at the DreamLab have been busy over the holidays adding the final touches to the first DreamScape Elements. This first batch will include an Element for managing your daily stress levels and one that’s designed to greatly improve your sleep. Both are currently being tested and are scheduled for roll-out at the end of January, along with a bonus MP3 track that will show you how to enhance your heart and lung function simply by learning to breathe right.

And the best news of all? These three tracks will be free downloads for all owners of Dream Pods, past and future.
Upcoming elements include:

  1. Pain management
  2. Meditation & mindfulness
  3. Boost your Creativity
  4. Winning Golf
  5. Kick Butts (stop smoking)
  6. Thinking Thin (eating well)
  7. The Super Mind
  8. The Peak Athlete
  9. I’m over Jet Lag
  10. Panic Attacks Be gone!
  11. Overcoming Shyness
  12. Ace That Exam
  13. Fear of Flying
  14. Speed Reading
  15. Emotional IQ
  16. Self Confidence
  17. Better Body Image
  18. Dealing with Grief
  19. Migraine Relief
  20. Easy Childbirth
  21. Enjoying Intimacy Again
  22. Endurance Training
  23. Stage Fright (public speaking)
  24. Rapid Healing post op
  25. Setting Goals
  26. Fear of Dentists
  27. Dating With Confidence
  28. Wealth Building
Noisy Water
Canada’s cold, in case you were wondering.