Dreampod Maintenance Recommendations

Properly maintaining your floatation tank will prolong its lifetime and ensure a continued excellent floating experience.

Here i put together a few recommendations i hope you find useful:

Daily Maintenance

  • Ensure the temperature of water is at preset levels
  • Ensure float solution is clear and not cloudy
  • Check water level is at optimal levels
  • Check for debris in the water and around the walls
  • Test pH of solution
  • Wipe the interior of the pod of condensation and magnesium oxide ring on the waterline
  • Add 5 – 10 ml of chlorine per day (end of the day)/alternatively up to 50ml of Hydrogen Peroxide may be used as well

Post-Float Maintenance

  • Ensure there are no floating objects in the pod such as towels
  • Clean and dry salt water spillage on lip of the pod, sides and door of pod
  • Check for hair and other debris on and around the sides of pod
  • Clean and dry surrounding area

Weekly maintenance

  • Test for salinity, top up salt if necessary
  • Check chemical level in bottles
  • Change filters if necessary
  • Clean the inside of the engine pod
  • Ensure all connections are tightly connected


  • Ensure users are free from massage oils, hair products, shampoo and body wash before entering the pods.
  • Fresh hair dye may leech from the hair into the pod due to reactions with salt water. It is recommended that they not use the pod until at least after 1 week after the dye job. Do speak with the product manufacturer and/or specialist before entering the pod.
  • Certain products may contain compounds that may react/oxidize adversely with Epsom salt solution. Do ensure that the customer not bring any such products into the pods as much as possible.
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