Promo sale for the newest, and most sexiest pod to hit the market!

Introducing the newest Floatation Pod out of the Dreamwater product line!

The Dreampod Mini is the smaller sister of our larger Dreampod V2. It is just as sleek, just as sexy and uses all the same components, and software as the regular size Dreampod V2! The Dreampod Mini comes with all the bells and whistles that you would want in a full size commercial pod.

With the smaller version of our Dreampod V2, you can easily fit the Dreampod Mini into an existing room with less effort than the full size V2. Fit the Dreampod Mini in 2/3 the space. Put one in your spare room, or fit two in a room to allow “couple floats”. The options are endless! With the new Mini you get all the features, including the wireless control system, twin chemical injectors, UV light array, 10 micron water filter system, tactile-transducer sound system and more in a single, compact package!
We will start production for the Mini in December 2015. We are currently taking pre-orders for a one-time special offer. The Mini will retail at USD17500 per pod. We are currently offering a special price of USD15,000 per pod if you pre-order now! This offer will be available until Dec 30 2015, after which we will provide the Mini at it’s regular price.
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